Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Whoo-Hoo! This is a two in one kind of post!

I think I need to go BIGGER! Not enough, right?  I'm doing this old school.  I'm sure if you add up the time it took me to trace and cut everyone of these sweet little birds, it would've been cheaper just to buy them pre-made from the store or from someone with a Cricut machine.  But this was made with some extra love, and I think I named each bird while thoughtfully cutting them out by hand.  My new best friend helped me to adhere them to the wall.

Here's what I did:

I printed out a bird template from the computer.

Cut out the bird and traced it on the side of a used pasta box.  

Used an exacto knife to cut out the bird.  Now you have two sturdy templates to work from.  Trace as many as you wish onto some white cardstock or sturdy paper.  I used leftover blank Thank You note cards as my stock paper.  Cut out each bird AND...

Here's where my New Best Friend comes in!

Ever see these in the store? LOOOVVVVEEE EM!  No mess, no fuss, just stick em up and they do all the work for you!  Leaves no residue on the wall if you need to take them off!  They come in many different sizes and brands!

The canvas art was easy peasy to do as well!  I bought the canvas for $3 at BIG LOTS.

Take it out of the shrinkwrap and paint it!
I just used acrylic paint for this.

I used a cup and a quarter to create circles from scrapbook paper.
Glue stick came in handy for sticking them together. 

Next, just hang on wall!

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  1. Whoa girl!!! Totally love this...wonderful idea. It's almost magical with the light shining on them. I love that you took the time to cut these out!!