Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day!  I have an updated photo of my last project in it's new home! Yay! After rearranging two rooms just to get this baby up, it finally has a place.   I'm surprised as to how much light it gives off.  I thought it would be a cool night light or mood light, but it's actually much brighter than that.

I totally scored with this cute trunk at TJMAX & More on clearance.  Originally $69 marked down to $49 and then I bargained it down to $30 because I told the manager that the handles were broken.   After paying for it, I quickly got it into the car snickering all the way home.  Who doesn't love a bargain?  I knew that I could do something else with the handles, so I sniped off the faux white leather handles and braided some fabric and tied it through the handle slits.  Good as new!

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  1. You have a great blog!! I am really enjoying looking around. Thanks for sharing!! I am now a new follower!! Nicole @ BTW I found you on a blog hop!