Monday, September 13, 2010

Particle Board Made Pretty

I recently scored a few pieces of particle board from Freecycle.  My Husband looked at me like "What??? You are bringing more junk into our house?" Little did he know that I had plans for him to help me with my "Junk".  I had him cut down the boards into 5x5's.  He was kind enough to not ask questions and just do it for me. I would do it myself, but I think that the thought of me touching his hand tools might make him go into cardiogenic shock.  So he happily agreed to do it for me!  See how ~sweet~!

I love this project because I get an instant result and be sloppy with it!

Get your wood cut to size.

Then grab a hodgepodge of stuff.
Mod Podge, Acrylic paint, Paint brush, Scrapbooking paper, Sand paper, Distressing Ink, Stamps, and vinyl or in my case I used a rub on.

Paint the board with your acrylic paint.  No need to get the whole thing just mainly the sides and some of the front and back.  

Place your scrap paper onto the front and back surface of your block and tear off the edges to fit. Paper does not have to be perfect.  Mod Podge it on and squeegee out any bubbles you may have.  

Sand down the edges and corners of the block and paper.

Use the Distressing Ink onto the paper. 

Next, I used a large stamp and a soft pink color to decorate the front of the block. I also used a Rub On in the corner.

I thought it would be nice to hang it so....

I cut a small piece of Multi-Purpose wire (16 guage) with wire cutters and wrapped it around a small screwdriver to get the coil effect.  

Hammered down and pulled out a nail into two places on the top of the block. Equal distance from the sides.  Gorilla glued the Multi-Purpose wire and stuck into hammered holes on the block.  

Used fabric to decorate.  I'm thinking about making some for Halloween.  These would make great personal gifts for someone special!

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