Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sick kids and Lazy Projects

I have taken a much needed break from Blogland.  Boy I felt a little out of the loop for a while, but I have to say, it was nice not having to sit in front of the computer staring at the screen.  My kids were sick the majority of last week and just when I thought we were in the clear, my Little Man throws up on Friday evening all over a restaurant.  Poor guy. We don't go out to eat much, and this was supposed to be a SPECIAL Birthday dinner for our oldest.  The restaurant was in the next town over approx. 15 mins. away, and it took us well over an hour to get home, from having to pull over on the side of the road (twice).   Luckily I had a ziplock baggie in the car to catch just about everything.  Sigh.  Here's hoping it doesn't spread. :)

I didn't have enough candles, so the star candle represents age 10.

So, while away from the computer, I did do a little bit of crafting, lazy crafting is what I call it.  Even though it's 100 degrees outside and will continue to be for the week, I finally got down some of the Halloween decorations for the kids to enjoy.  At least it put a smile on their faces. 

Also, if you haven't heard yet, there are a few Super Cool Silhouette giveaways going on right now!  Check 'em out!

I decided to get out some of the recycled baby jars and have a little fun with them. Here are two examples of what you can use them for!

All I did was cutout and ModgePodge some expressions onto a baby food jar.  I found the middle candle holder at the local Thrift Shop.

This next example took a tad bit more work, but not much.  The kids drew faces onto ConTac paper and we cut them out.  Placed them on clean baby food jars and spray painted the jars black.   Let them dry and peel the stickers off. Fun. Easy. Fast.

I guess these would be much cuter if I had rafia or some fun ribbon to tie around the top.  Unfortunately, I don't have any on hand. 

I took a foam orange pumpkin and spray painted it Antique White.  Somehow it turned out glossy looking and I totally got lucky because it looks like porcelain!

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