Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Spy - the No Sew version

While surfing the web in the luxury of my pj's I recently came across a site with some super neat objects. The American Science & Surplus store is a goldmine for someone like me.  (someone who enjoys junk) Seriously, the things you can find and projects you can make are endless!

I bought a pack of their clear tubes with caps for this project.  You better hurry with this one, because once they are out, they are out.  It's a surplus store, so there's no telling how long a product would be there. I thought 8 tubes for $3.25 was a great deal!

This project would make a great party gift for kids of all ages!
Please see my original I Spy post for a detail instruction on making the colored rice.  The rest of the project is self explanatory I think.

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