Saturday, July 24, 2010

No Solicit Sign

I get a lot of solicitors in my neighborhood.  It's not easy for me to say "No" to everyone who drops by, so I've decided to make it easier on myself and make a No Solicit sign.  I realize this may not be for everyone, but it sure does cut down on the interruptions of the day and from my little ones running straight out the door when I open it.

I recently scored a bottle of Sophisticated Finishes - Iron Metallic Surfacer and Rust Antiquing Solution from a fellow Freecycler in town.  I was curious as to what to use this for, but after having tried it on a few things, I'm totally hooked!  This is not needed for this project but I did use it.

Materials Used in the project:
1 Large rock
1 Paint brush
 Black paint (I used a can of spray paint)
White Acrylic pain
Computer print out of the words "No Soliciting Thank You" **Print the words backwards**

Pick out a perfect size rock

Paint it black

Color the back of paper with chalk

Cut, tape and trace with pencil
See chalk outline?
Paint your words white

I used the lead iron and rust on the remaining portion of the rock to give it an old effect.  Although it doesn't show up as well on camera.

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