Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pallet Envy

Wood pallets are everywhere!  I've seen a few posts of people trying to get rid of their wood pallets, so I figured I could try and make something out of them!  What I didn't realize is that, there are several different styles and types of wood pallets.  Little to my dismay, I ended up with some super heavy duty sturdy rugged looking pallets.  I was thinking something lighter and easier to disassemble.  Nope.  So I've got these two wood pallets and now all my wonderful plans for using the wood has gone down the drain due to the nature of the thickness of the wood.  I first tried a saw-saw to cut through the 2x4 and to my luck, I barely made a dent.  Sigh.  Then I tried using a hand saw and nada.   So, all in all, with the help of my handy dandy Husband, we were able to turn this hard wood pallet into a nice outdoor shelf.  I LOVE my new outdoor shelf and I enjoy admiring it from the Kitchen window!  I can't wait until the weather starts it's magic on the wood!

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