Friday, August 13, 2010

Magnet Board

Sorry for the crooked photo, but you get the idea.

Okay, if you are into searching the web as much as I am, you will find many variations of a magnet board.  My version is pretty plain and not that spectacular, but if you haven't seen them floating around on your computer yet, here's how to make one.

By the way, I ~LOVE~ having my refrigerator back!  I'm sure most of you have experienced the eclectic clutter refrigerator at some point in your life.  Usually happens with kids, I believe.  At least in my case, the kids come home from school wanting to display their beautiful piece of artwork and up on the fridge it goes.  Sometimes, I ever wondered how we found the fridge for food, but we survived.  Now, I'm super proud to say that my refrigerator looks like itself again, and I have a new place to store photos and said "artwork".

1 poster frame (I purchased my 18"x24" at WalMart for $14.00.)
1 sheet metal board (I had to shop around for this. Hubby found it at OSH for around $11.00)
1 piece of sandpaper (small grit)
1 can of paint primer
1 can of textured sand paint

Honestly, you can make this any way you desire, but this is how I did it.

1. Open frame and pop out the plastic mylar sheet, papers and cardboard and set aside.  Use the cardboard as a template to cut your metal board down to size.  Most places will cut this for you if you purchase it there, but OSH is not capable of doing so. (enter in help of Dear Hubby)
2.  After the metal has been cut, scratch up the surface a bit with your sandpaper.
4.  Prime and texture paint the surface.
5.  Pop it into your frame.
6.  Decorate your frame and hang.  I decorated with a few material rosettes.  There are many Many tutorials on material rosettes, so I'll just link up one here.

I saved the inside of this plastic mylar for another project.
See Frame Redo: Mirror to Erasable Artwork project

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