Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Frame redo: Mirror to Erasable Artwork

BAH! Who needs vinyl?? I do! I do! But I'm not yet ready to pay for it. :(  Oh vinyl how I long for you and what elegance and sophistication you can bring to my household.  Ah well, I guess I can work on the other 50 million projects I have on hand and worry about the vinyl another day. sigh.  Really with all the super cool gadgets and swift and quick and easy vinyl projects I've seen, I'm really eyeballing the vinyl a lot lately.  Guess I need to focus here. I have a tough time doing that lately.

Here's another frame transformation.  Your probably thinking, like you really need another frame redo, but truthfully, it's what I have on hand and it was a fun project to do. Besides, I have a little sweetpea with an undo of a room, if you know what I mean, no?

Picture frame - mine just happened to be a mirror
Spray paint
Template - I just made my template in MS Word
Chalkpen - your choice of color. I ordered a set off of ebay for super cheap. They work with glass, chalk board any many other surfaces.

Take mirror out and spray paint it whatever color you desire or have on hand. (I had white)

Note: Since my frame came with a mirror, I used the plastic mylar insert from my magnet board project and cut it down to size.

Used a dry erase marker to mark where I needed to cut.
Used the back of the mirror as a template.

Place plastic sheet or glass in frame and lay your template under it.
Trace template using your chalk pen.
Add ribbon for hanging.

The best part about this is that it's permanent for as long as you like.  If it didn't work out as planned, just erase and start again!

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