Monday, August 2, 2010


Don't throw your magazines away just yet!  Here's a simple and easy tutorial on how to make your own bows.  It's an easy project so get the kids involved on this one too!  These can be made out of any kind of paper.  If you are using paper that's sturdy like cardstock or the cover of a magazine, I would suggest you fasten it with a stapler or a fastener "brad".  But if using flimsy paper from the inside of the magazine, I find that glue works just fine.

Here's what you need:

Here's what you do:
Measure out .5" strips across your paper and cut (the length does not matter). Leave the first 3 strips the original size and cut off 1" off the length of the next three strips.  The next two strips cut off 2". The last strip cut off 3.5". 

Fold your paper to make it look like the number 8 and glue down.
If you are using shorter length paper, your last strip will look like an O.

Lastly, assemble your strips from largest to smallest and place the largest strip on the bottom and the next sized strip inside.  Glue down to secure. (or use your fastener or stapler)

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