Monday, April 12, 2010

Recycled plates

I don't host parties too often, but I do get invited to a few. I love to bake and bring something new to each party. I don't have a display or a 3 tiered dessert platter but I saw a post recently from threadbanger in their "Decor It Yourself" series that sparked my interest.

I decided that I was going to make my own display. Really, how bad could it be? I set out to the local Thrift Store and scored several items for only a Total of $4.66. I figured at least I didn't spend a fortune trying this out, so it was worth the effort.

After bringing home my loot, I quickly set sail into designing my first set of dishes. By using Gorilla Glue, I managed to get a two tier platter set in place.
End result:
It may not be perfect, but I like my things to be a little imperfect. I still have another set of plates to start gluing together, but I'm in need of another element before I can finish it. Pictures to come!

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